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As we just launched this September, help us grow a base of founding donors to run digital ads every day right up to the election.
We Got A Voice 2 PAC is a single-candidate federal political action committee launching September 2020 to elect Biden-Harris November 3rd, 2020. Every dollar will be spent to fight for Forty Six and run digital ads every day up to the election, and fund our events and fundraisers like Jacquelyn's Journey.

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Our Archive

The Rebel Roundtable was a 100% nonprofit introduction to America of Jacquelyn and Chris, meeting with everyday Americans, White House Staff, and very noteworthy organizations acros the nation. They are all availabel at everydayamericanjoe.com

The First Rebel Roundable

Our very first episode, in low resolution, getting a feel for how to do this and shoot DIY, produce and edit down. This first episode covers some introductions on who Jacquelyn and I are, why we support Joe Biden for President, and various current events and topics. Episode 2 will be dedicated to Pride month and LGBTQIA Civil Rights and concerns, and more detail on our lives and our experiences along those lines.
WebM is a very advaned format of video compression that saves a lot of resources and is very web-efficient. Apple/iOS devices have to download 1. An App if using a phone, or 2. A Safari plugin for other iOS devices.

Who We Are


The largest grassroots Biden site to WGAV
Well before the Democratic Primary, when Joe Biden was outraised and outspent 300:1, Chris started what grew to be the largest grassroots Biden and Biden-Harris supporter resource website online. To-date, it has reached over 14MM voters and averages 120k visitors a day. He's worked with the Biden campaign and made many friends along the way, hosting roundtable events with the 43 Alumni for Biden, former White House staff, The Christian Democrats of America and Jews4Joe (who have also formed their own PAC)


From an elevator to the National Stage
Everyday, working class hero Jacquelyn Brittany takes important people to their meetings all the time. One of those people would propel her to the viral sensation and symbol of the working class she is today: Joe Biden. That moment changed the election. It was genuine. It resonated. And it spoke for millions of Americans like her. She never dreamed she'd have the honor to nominate him for President on national TV at the DNC.

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