For Everyday Joes, Janes & Jacquelyns

For Everyday Joes, Janes and Jacquelyns

We Got A Voice 2 PAC is a single-candidate federal political action committee launched September 2020 to elect Biden-Harris in 2020. Time is running out! Help us run digital ads every day right up to the election.

We, The People

We, The People of this country. We paid the price of #TrumpsAmeriKKKa He said he’d build a wall. He attacked immigrants and other cultures. But in the end - it was Americans. Trump made Americans pay. In every way, literally, figuratively and metaphorically. It’s time to remember who we are and speak. Lift every voice. Every American Joe, Jane or Jacquelyn just like us... and just like you 2 #VoteTrumpOut #ByeDon #BidenHarris2020

Who We Are


The largest grassroots Biden site to WGAV
Well before the Democratic Primary, when Joe Biden was outraised and outspent 300:1, Chris started what grew to be the largest grassroots Biden and Biden-Harris supporter resource website online. To-date, it has reached over 14.6MM voters and averages 120k visitors a day. He's worked with the Biden campaign and made many friends along the way, hosting roundtable events with the 43 Alumni for Biden, former White House staff, The Christian Democrats of America and Jews4Joe (who have also formed their own PAC)


From an elevator to the National Stage
Everyday, working class hero Jacquelyn Brittany takes important people to their meetings all the time. One of those people would propel her to the viral sensation and symbol of the working class she is today: Joe Biden. That moment changed the election. It was genuine. It resonated. And it spoke for millions of Americans like her. She never dreamed she'd have the honor to nominate him for President on national TV at the DNC.

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We Got A Voice 2
Everyday American Joe
America—Help is on the way. It won’t be easy...but nothing worth doing ever is. #Keepthefaith We will try to fix you. And will never, ever, give up on you. everydayamericanjoe.com 💙❤️
Everyday American Joe
It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life...And we’re feeling good. #PresidentElect #PresidentBiden #POTUS46 @POTUS 🇺🇸 🦅 everydayamericanjoe.com
Everyday American Joe
Americans have chosen a President that pays respect to our Veterans decade after decade without the press; who’s own son’s life was on the line, over a guy that put 5 lives in his place. #VeteransDay #PresidentElect #PresidentBiden 🇺🇸🦅🙏
Everyday American Joe
Em homenagem ao nossos ancestrais, os santos e anjos em #TodosLosSantos / Honramos a nuestros antepasados ​​en el día de los muertos #DiaDeMuertos In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sanctus est. #RestInPeace 🇵🇹🇲🇽🇬🇺🏴🇮🇹🇮🇪🇬🇧🇫🇷 🇵🇱
Everyday American Joe
Let’s Go #Arizona #Mesa #BattlegroundState #swingstates #Arizona2020 #BidenHarris2020 #BidenHarris2020Landslide From Pale Pink to #Biden Blue 🇺🇸 twitter.com/stateoflynn/st…
Everyday American Joe
Oakland - Main Speech for #BidenHarris FULL VIDEO: youtu.be/bKNQJRm7Deo Our main stage event full speech from both founders @namelessism & @_Jacquelyn2020 covering the entire campaign: #BLM, #Homlessness, the Reagan Era, #Debates2020 #TrumpIsCompromised #BidenWonTheDebate
Everyday American Joe
We’re gonna win this. #Biden #BidenHarris2020ToSaveAmerica
Everyday American Joe
If you’re on our ActBlue, you’ve got some FREE goodies coming your way while we #SaveTheUSPS If you’re not, DM or email us a mailing address and we’ll send you a free bumper sticker. CA Only: donate $46 in honor of #FortySix and we’ll send you a giant #BidenHarris window sign
Everyday American Joe
Hang in there, America. God/Spirit/Our Higher Power isn’t finished with us yet—or anyone else. I’ve passed on what was freely given to me, and has never failed, to thousands over 25~ years. Maybe a hundred took it and used it. But that “small” group knows PEACE twitter.com/_Jacquelyn2020…
Everyday American Joe
Keep em coming #America !!! Comment and send us your ballots. Be smart, hide your personal details - Were BREAKING RECORDS BABY #BidenHarrisToSaveAmerica #BidenHarris #BidenHarris2020 #BidenHarris2020ToSaveAmerica LETS GOOOOOOOO 🇺🇸🦅🥁
Everyday American Joe
Officers, 🇮🇶🇦🇫 War Vets like my foster brothers, support @JoeBiden by an enormous majority. Joe’s got their Six. They deserve a REAL Commander-in-Chief that knows the Pentagon. No #BountiesForKillingUSTroops Join our Vets. #VoteHimOut #BidenHarris2020 for America 🇺🇸


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