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New Jersey

First Stop


Biden-Harris Headquarters

Biden-Harris Headquarters

Clearly the place to begin any journey RidinWithBiden, the moral arc of justice is long - but it bends towards justice. Pennsylvania is the Keystone.

From Joe's smalltown Scranton to his beloved Phillies and original home of the Athletics, and our own Chris' paternal roots that date back 3 generations of Scranton-born Pennsylvanians, We've got a voice from PA to the Bay.
This election couldn't be more personal. Humanity is on the ballot. We have Scranton roots. Chris raised his 3 children as a single Dad for 5 years before meeting the love of his life. His son has a severe speech impediment and stutter, and his WW2 Veteran Grandfather - a devout Catholic who walked to church every day until the end - and his father before him were Scranton born, and very likely brushed paths with the next President of the United States and the Bidens, growing up in such a small American hometown.

Second Stop


Virginia Holocaust Museum

Jacquelyn begins her journey with a somber tour of the Holocaust Museum in Virginia. A powerful, emotional experience for anyone with humanity and a connection to their fellow humankind.

It began with Einsatzgruppen death squads in the East, which killed some 1,000,000 people in numerous massacres, and continued in concentration camps where prisoners were actively denied proper food and health care.
Lebensunwertes Leben, or "life unworthy of life". The phrase was applied to the mentally impaired and later to the "racially inferior," or "sexually deviant," as well as to "enemies of the state" both internal and external. From very early in the war, part of Nazi policy was to murder civilians en masse, especially targeting Jews. Later in the war, this policy grew into Hitler's "final solution", the complete extermination of the Jews.
In 1945, as advancing Allied troops began discovering these camps, they found the results of these policies: hundreds of thousands of starving and sick prisoners locked in with thousands of dead bodies. They encountered evidence of gas chambers and high-volume crematoriums, as well as thousands of mass graves, documentation of awful medical experimentation, and much more. Nazi Germany killed more than 10 million people in this manner, including 6 million Jewish people during the Holocaust. Nearly a third of were murdered in genorcide within the span of three months in Hitler's "Final Solution".

Ultimately, two-thirds of all Jewish people living in Europe during World War II were killed by the Nazi regime



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We Got A Voice 2 PAC is a single-candidate federal political action committee launching September 2020 to elect Biden-Harris November 3rd, 2020. Every dollar will be spent to fight for Forty Six and run digital ads every day up to the election, and fund our events and fundraisers like Jacquelyn's Journey.

Third Stop

The Black History Museum

The Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia was founded in 1981 by Carroll Anderson, Sr. and opened to the public at 00 Clay Street, in the historic Jackson Ward district of Richmond in 1991. The National Museum of African American History and Culture, included in the video is temporarily closed and symbolic, and lends to the sentiment of America's Original Sin of racism.

The SF
Bay Area

  • San Francisco
    Sep 29 - Oct 1st
    The Castro, Golden Gate & The Embarcadero.
  • Oakland
    Oct 1st
    West Oakland, City Hall & Lake Merritt. A special video of our Stage speech and tour of Oakland and the community is in production, coming soon.
  • Sacramento
    Oct 3rd
    Cit Hall, The Capitol, The SAC Amtrak Station and "Old SacTown" was a resounding success. We handed out over 150 Biden-Harris signs are were cheered on by doznes of honks of support from cars passing by. Video and photos coming soon.


West Side, Left Side

First Stop: San Francisco

Where to we even begin? It all started with reaching out to a friend on Facebook. Stuart Gaffney was recommneded to me, and as I'm know to do, I reached out to see if he and his husband would be willing to me us and show us around The Castro; teach us about their history and show Jacquelyn such an important and personal place for her and everday Americans she, Stuart, John and The Pride community represent.

Stuart & John

Founders of Marriage Equality, Champions for LGBTQ Civil Rights, and among "The First Ten" to be married. John & Stuart are Castro Royalty, and historic figures that will be celebrated forever

This special time with Stuart and John deserved a page dedicated to our day with them. The powerful stories, history and interview can not possibly be captured in this small section. Please follow the link below and listen to their words, their love, their teaching of LGBTQIA history, and their message. In the words of Harvey Milk, "You've got to give them HOPE"
Full Articel and Video Interview in 60fps High Resolution




East Bay

West Oakland, City Hall, Lake Merritt and East Oakland. Full Video, Photos and re-cap coming soon - with a special Full Stage speech from Jacquelyn and Chris.

The Town


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In Production


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