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Chris, who started the largest grassroots website for Joe Biden, and Jacquelyn, viral sensation that nominated Joe Biden for President of the United States at the Democratic National Convention, have formed a small single-candidate federal PAC for Biden-Harris in the 2020 election. As a single-candidate action committee, it will dissolve and cease to exist after the 2020 election results are made official.

Our Mission is to give a voice to The People who, like Jacquelyn and everyday, working class Americans across the country, are rarely given a platform or voice in politics at a national level. Our plans focus on the people hardest-hit by Trump's failures, his economic policies, the racial unrest, injustice, and civil discourse consuming the country -and Americans who need help the most. We believe that the Biden-Harris Agenda will save and change the lives of millions upon millions of Americans, and build the strongest from-the-bottom-up Economy in United States history. To this extent, we will be running digital ads and meeting with Americans both in-person and virtually, to help elect the Forty Sixth President.

Our Mission

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As we just launched this September, help us grow a base of founding donors to run digital ads every day right up to the election.
We Got A Voice 2 PAC is a single-candidate federal political action committee launching September 2020 to elect Biden-Harris November 3rd, 2020. Every dollar will be spent to fight for Forty Six and run digital ads every day up to the election, and fund our events and fundraisers like Jacquelyn's Journey.


We don't speak for Joe, but Joe speaks up for us. He's been doing it his whole life. That's what resonates. That's why people love him so damn much. He's genuine. He's sincere. And, he's only ever earned his own wage. When he left office he earned the most he'd ever earned in his life, he earned less than the average doctor, dentist or attorney. Forget about a real estate tycoon or billionaire. When tragedy struck the first time and he lost his wife and one daughter. Naomi was only one year old. His precious sons survived, but Joe had just won election as a young Senator and wouldn't leave their side. He took the Senate oath of office at their hospital bedsides in 1973 - at a time when Barack Obama was only a few years older than Biden's sons. His deceased wife's father held the Bible he was sworn in on.


Regular Americans are being robbed to pay the rich.
Conservatives have a top-down policy that gives breaks to the rich; rewards the wealthiest, and slashes breaks and help to the hardest working, everyday Joes, Janes and Jacquelyns. Since 1950, the rich have paid less and less, and regular working class and middle class Americans have had to foot the bill. Regular families should not be footing the bill for trips to mars, the entire military budget, the Pentagon, the salaries of the entire government, and tax breaks to Amazon and Apple. Democrats believe in Keynesian Economics: From the ground-up, not from the top-down. We believe the hardest working Americans should pay the least, and the poor nothing at all; that the rich should be funding our budget - not everyday working class people. We believe our wages should be 2X and in some industries 3x what they are today, thanks to the greed of top-down trickle-down Republicans like Donald Trump. We dont want trickle-down. We want trickle-UP.


They cut taxes for big corporations, tycoons, and for wealthy people with stocks and nice little vacations. They slash public programs and budgets, raise taxes and slash tax breaks for the working class to pay for a bump to the rich. This is supposed to "create jobs" and trickle down to regular people. But the very wealthy rarely spend in times of economic distress, and all it does is ensure everyone continues to work low-wage jobs that make the rich richer.


Started from the bottom. They restore taxes the rich haven't been paying, cut all taxes to the poor, working class and everyday middle class families. We tax the super-wealthy, instead. By ensuring wages go up, a $15 minimum, Unions and bargaining power are strong and that everyday people earn more money, we're all able to pay our bills and businesses and the wealthy still thrive, because


Richest to Poorest


Poorest to Richest

Real Plans

Really Made in America

Real President

Our Tax Cuts

Not the filthy rich
Everyone over $400k has to start paying the taxes they used to pay. Not more than they used to pay - just the same they ever did.

Renter's Credit

$5Billion for Renters
Every rent-paying everyday American will receive a large credit, which is cash added to your tax refund.

Public Healthcare

For US - Not the rich
A public, free healthcare option with 100% coverage for everyday working class and middle class Americans, not the wealthy.

The Biden Made in America Economic Agenda

#BuildBackBetter #BuildBackStronger
  • $15,000 Up-Front Cash Federal Credit to buy a house
  • $1.7T infrastructure plan. The largest investment since FDR's New Deal - Jump-starting the repair of our highways, roads, and bridges and creating a massive amount of good paying jobs
  • a $15/hour Minimum Wage, with the minimum wage set to increase with median and inflation
  • Strengthen Unions. Union workers earn roughly 13% more than non-union workers on a similar job
  • Stop employers from denying workers overtime pay they’ve earned. Since Trump enabled employers and large corporations to take advantage, American workers have lost $2.2 Billion in unpaid overtime
  • Ensure Gig & Contract workers receive the benefits and protections they deserve
  • Eliminate non-compete clauses and no-poaching agreements that hinder the ability of employees to seek higher wages, better benefits, and working conditions by changing employers
  • Joe Biden will invest $640 Billion so every American has access to housing that is affordable, stable, safe, healthy, accessible, energy efficient and and located near good schools, with a reasonable commute to their jobs.
  • Protect homeowners and renters from abusive lenders and landlords through a new Homeowner and Renter Bill of Rights
  • Tackle racial bias that leads to homes in communities of color being assessed by appraisers below their fair value
  • Provide Section 8 housing vouchers to every eligible family so that no one has to pay more than 30% of their income for rental housing
  • $5 billion in federal funding for a new Renter's Tax Credit
  • Establish a $100 billion Affordable Housing Fund to construct and upgrade affordable housing
  • Provide tax incentives for the construction of more affordable & zero-emission housing in communities that need it the most
  • Develop a national strategy for making housing a right for all - Biden will work with Congress to secure passage of Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ Ending Homelessness Act and create 400,000 housing units for the homeless
  • Set a national goal of ensuring 100% of formerly incarcerated individuals have housing upon reentry
  • Spark the second great railroad revolution, working with Amtrak and private freight rail companies to further electrify the rail system, reducing diesel fuel emissions.
  • Invest in energy infrastructure for a 100% clean energy economy, with net-zero emissions by 2035.
  • $20 billion in rural broadband infrastructure; and triple funding to expand broadband access in rural areas, and to ensure that the work of installing broadband provides high-paying jobs with benefits
  • Invest $100 billion to modernize our nation’s schools. American public school facilities received a grade of D+ from the American Society of Civil Engineers. In fact, each year the U.S. underfunds school infrastructure by $46 billion, resulting in schools that are outdated, unsafe, unfit, and – in some cases – making kids and educators sick. In line with the Rebuild America’s Schools Act, backed by the House Education Committee, President Biden will invest $100 billion in improving public school
  • Fully Implement Congressman Clyburn’s 10-20-30 Plan
Biden’s $640 billion investment in America’s housing is paid for by raising taxes on corporations and large financial institutions. Specifically, approximately $300 billion of the housing plan is devoted to new construction and is encompassed in the $1.7 trillion infrastructure plan. The remaining portion is paid for by instituting a financial fee on certain liabilities of firms with over $50 billion in assets. As Vice President, Biden oversaw the execution of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which poured more than $800 billion into infrastructure and stimulus spending, bringing the country back from the brink of depression. Biden made sure that taxpayer dollars were well spent, with less than 0.2% of awards generating investigations of fraud. Investing in Middle Class Competitiveness, Not Rewarding Wealth. Every cent of Joe Biden’s $1.7 trillion investment in our nation’s infrastructure will be paid for by making sure the super-wealthy and corporations pay their fair share. Specifically, this investment will be offset by revenue raised through reversing the excesses of the Trump tax cuts for corporations; reducing incentives for tax havens, evasion, and outsourcing; ensuring corporations pay their fair share; closing other loopholes in our tax code that reward wealth, not work; and ending subsidies for fossil fuels.

Black Americans Matter

America's original sin of racism must be addressed

Vice President Joe Biden will make sure that people historically left out of the middle class—whether due to race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or religion—have the chance to succeed. He will be unflinching in confronting the systemic racism in our country that is built into our laws, our policies, and our institutions and will take aggressive action to correct them—ripping out the inequities in housing, health care, education, the economy, our criminal justice system, and so many other areas. Rooting out systemic racism and ensuring that everyone is treated with dignity and has equal opportunity is built into all of Joe’s domestic policies.
$70B HBCUs & Education Investment
$70B investments in HBCUs and other MSIs.
Triple Title I funding, primarily serving teachers and low-income students.
Double mental health professionals in schools.
Building innovative schools in Black and low-income communities.
Recruit teachers with different racial ethnicities and diversify schools.
$20B Justice & Prison Reform + $1B/yr for Juvenile Justice Re
Decriminalize Marijuana Federally
$15,000 up-front federal credit for 1st time homebuyers
$50B Investment in Workforce Training
Protect and Build on Obamacare
Appoint diverse U.S. Supreme Court justices and federal judges
Strengthen the Right to Vote
End Violence Against Women
$1.7T in a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice
$1T Transformational Investment in our Country’s Infrastructure


Tackling systemic racism and fighting for civil rights has been a driving force throughout Biden’s career in public service. He has a record of fighting for and delivering for the African American community. As a U.S. Senator he co-sponsored the Civil Rights Act of 1990 to protect against employment discrimination and led multiple reauthorizations of the Voting Rights Act, protecting African Americans’ right to vote. Biden also led efforts to reauthorize and extend the Fair Housing Act, and as Delaware’s Senator, was a vocal advocate and supporter of Delaware State University, the state’s Historically Black University. Today, we need a comprehensive agenda for African Americans with ambition that matches the scale of the challenge and with recognition that race-neutral policies are not a sufficient response to race-based disparities.



He has been a friend, a dear friend. He's a man of courage, a man with a great conscience, a man of faith," Lewis said in a call with reporters. "He will be a great president. He will lead our country to a better place. He would inspire another generation to stand up, to speak up and to speak out, to be brave and to be bold.
  • Advance the economic mobility of African Americans and close the racial wealth and income gaps.
  • Expand access to high-quality education and tackle racial inequity in our education system.
  • Make far-reaching investments in ending health disparities by race.
  • Strengthen America’s commitment to justice.
  • Make the right to vote and the right to equal protection real for African Americans.
  • Address environmental justice.

Who We Are


The largest grassroots Biden site to WGAV
Well before the Democratic Primary, when Joe Biden was outraised and outspent 300:1, Chris started what grew to be the largest grassroots Biden and Biden-Harris supporter resource website online. To-date, it has reached over 14MM voters and averages 120k visitors a day. He's worked with the Biden campaign and made many friends along the way, hosting roundtable events with the 43 Alumni for Biden, former White House staff, The Christian Democrats of America and Jews4Joe (who have also formed their own PAC)


From an elevator to the National Stage
Everyday, working class hero Jacquelyn Brittany takes important people to their meetings all the time. One of those people would propel her to the viral sensation and symbol of the working class she is today: Joe Biden. That moment changed the election. It was genuine. It resonated. And it spoke for millions of Americans like her. She never dreamed she'd have the honor to nominate him for President on national TV at the DNC.

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